Just (Re)Listed: Modern Bi-Level Condo in Rittenhouse

Will a new agent and a fresh restyling move this chic, urbane condo at last? Its owner apparently believes it’s worth a shot.

rittenhouse bi-level condo for sale living room

Refreshed and ready for relisting is this stylish Rittenhouse bi-level condo at 1606 Chestnut St. #4, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 | Images via Compass

Stop us if you’ve seen this before.

On second thought, don’t, for this very urbane bi-level condo for sale on Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square is worth a second look.

Its owner apparently agreed, for this condo got a restyling when it was relisted with a new agent.

The owner used “Compass Concierge” to handle the makeover. That’s the service the upstart brokerage offers that fronts money to owners to make improvements to their homes to help them sell faster.

In a word, the restyling lightened up the place.

rittenhouse bi-level condo for sale main floor from kitchen

Main floor, view from rear of unit

The living-room furniture doesn’t feel as heavy as what had been there before, and the color scheme complements the brick walls and oak floors.

rittenhouse bi-level condo dining room and kitchen

Dining room and kitchen

Where the dining room had looked a little Arts-and-Crafts-y, it now looks more contemporary, and the dining table now aligns with the kitchen next to it.

rittenhouse bi-level condo master bedroom

Master bedroom

Likewise, the master bedroom at the back of the main floor looks lighter and more modern, with grays and earth tones replacing black.

rittenhouse bi-level condo upstairs bedroom and den

Upstairs bedroom and den

The two upstairs bedrooms, which had served as a study and a TV room, got reconfigured to serve as a bedroom and den. Conceivably, this pair of rooms separated by sliding barn doors could make a great guest suite.

rittenhouse bi-level condo roof deck

Roof deck

The furniture that had been on the roof deck remains, but a colorful throw rug and patio dining table got added.

rittenhouse bi-level condo kitchen


One reason real estate professionals recommend that owners stage their homes is because buyers find it easier to settle on a house when they have some guidance about what it would look like furnished. Will a change in tone and style work wonders on a future buyer? The owner and agent hope it will, and soon.

rittenhouse bi-level condo master bathroom

Master bathroom

The previous advice about this condo for sale’s upscale Eurostyle kitchen, well-appointed master bath and convenient location right in the heart of Center City’s best shopping and biggest office district remains unchanged.



BATHS: 2 full, 1 half


SALE PRICE: $1,275,000

OTHER STUFF: The sale price should also help give it a boost: it’s $120,000 below the asking price when it was previously listed for sale.

1606 Chestnut St. #4, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 [Mary Genovese Colvin and Margaux Pelegrin | On the Square Real Estate | Compass]