On the Market: Light, Bright and Very White in Callowhill for $380K

Start your homeownership voyage with this condo and your future will be so bright you have to wear shades. So will the interior of your home.

428 N. 13th St. #4G, Philadelphia, Pa. 19123 | Images via OCF Realty; staged images produced using Virtual Stager

In case you missed the memo, the Rail Park’s first phase is now complete, and the finished product is very attractive. A recent design competition had students design a building for an empty lot next to it that would tie into it directly, and we predict owners of buildings already standing beside it will try to do the same.

View of building from Rail Park

The Hat Factory is one of those buildings. It sits right next to the overpass that lets 13th Street duck under the former rail line, and many of its units now look out onto the park.

This very airy loft condo is one of those units.

Main living area, view from dining room

Since it faces east and is on a higher floor, it gets loads of sunlight through its huge windows, especially in the morning. That light in turn bounces off walls so white you risk blindness looking at them without sunglasses.

Living room

Then it hits the sparkling hardwood floors and heads up to reflect off ceilings as white as those walls. The silver metal air-conditioning ductwork provides the one “color” accent, but that too is reflective. You might try whipping out your magnifying glass to see if you can burn a hole in a sheet of paper using the light that bounces off it.


And if all this still isn’t bright enough for you, can the wood on the kitchen cabinets get any blonder?


There is a practical reason for all these light-amplification strategies: the bedroom has no windows of its own and thus has to get its natural light by way of whatever passes over the divider that separates it from the open main living area. All that whiteness maximizes the amount of light that will pass over it.


Besides being right next to the Rail Park, this condo is also close to a lot of other good stuff. As the listing says, you can walk to Café Lift, an excellent breakfast, lunch and brunch spot — or, if you’re lazy, you can just take the building elevator down four floors. Prohibition Taproom, Bufad, and a passel of other cool eateries and watering holes are only a few steps further away, and Chinatown and the Reading Terminal Market, among other destinations, also lie a pleasant walk away.

Now: got your sunglasses yet?





SALE PRICE: $379,900

428 N. 13th St. #4G, Philadelphia, Pa. 19123 [Eric J. Gerchberg | OCF Realty]