These Are The 10 Most Expensive Homes in Point Breeze

One look at the prices and you should be able to figure out why its zip code is one of the nation's 10 most gentrified. But in per-square-foot terms, these homes are great values.

1144 S. 23rd St., a 2017 makeover of a 1917 rowhome, is the per-square-foot price leader among these 10 priciest Point Breeze homes. | Bright MLS image via Coldwell Banker Preferred

Before going any further, we feel obligated to offer this note of reassurance: Your new home in Point Breeze won’t be torched. Despite all the drama, most current Point Breeze residents have welcomed their new neighbors warmly rather than heatedly.

But in case you wonder why some people in Point Breeze get hot under the collar, take a look at the sale prices for the ten most expensive homes in the neighborhood below.

Not only are these prices wildly out of whack relative to the neighborhood’s median household income, they’re approaching Center City territory.

And that’s good news for you, the would-be homeowner.

Why? Because your money goes a lot further here than it would in Center City.

“These properties are all large — from 2,000 to 3,200 square feet in size. And this is reflected in relatively reasonable per-square-foot prices,” said Constantine Valhouli, director of research for NeighborhoodX. The properties range from $170 to $278 per square foot.

All ten of these homes are either brand-new or recently built or rehabbed: the oldest of these homes dates to 2015 in its current form. Most of them offer fixtures, fittings and finishes found in homes selling well above this price point in other neighborhoods.

The bottom line: If you have the income needed to play in this particular sandbox, you will find real housing bargains in Point Breeze. (And if you don’t? You’re not totally out of luck: when we went in search of the ten most affordable homes in Point Breeze last fall, we found a nicely renovated home for under $200,000. And if you’re looking to tackle a renewal project of your own, you’ll still find plenty of homes to choose from.)