These Are the 10 Most Expensive Homes in Brewerytown

Here's proof that "expensive" is a relative term. And every last one of these homes is brand new.

All but one of the ten most expensive homes in Brewerytown look more or less like this on the inside, or will once they’re finished. | Bright MLS image of 1238 N. Hollywood St. via Coldwell Banker Preferred

Here’s what $500K will buy you in Brewerytown:

The most expensive house on this week’s list from NeighborhoodX, plus $25,000 to spend on customizing and furnishing it.

If you had any doubt that Brewerytown is a hot neighborhood, these listings should put those doubts to rest as well, for every one of these 10 homes is brand new. Half of them are so new that they aren’t even finished yet, and at least two of these are at an early enough stage in their construction that you can still pick your finishes, fixtures and features.

Half of them, including one of the unfinished ones, are the product of a single builder as well: V2 Properties, which is at work on a 15-unit project along North Myrtlewood Street. Two of those homes appear on this list, and in per-square-foot terms, both are bargains. But even the highest-priced home in per-square-foot terms isn’t really expensive.

“The prices in the neighborhood range from $182 to $250 per square foot,” said Constantine Valhouli, director of research for NeighborhoodX.

Thanks to V2’s highly efficient design and construction system, its five homes all look alike, but even the homes produced by other builders here have similar interior layouts save one: 1328 N. 27th St. That home sits on a 26-foot-wide lot, which gives it a footprint that’s almost square except for an angled front wall. Its triangular projecting bay on the upper floors also sets it apart from all the other new homes being built in the neighborhood.

This much is clear: buyers looking in Brewerytown will get good value for their money even at the top of the market. So the question then becomes: Chocolate wood cabinets or white ones? Subway tile or stone tile in the shower? Base model appliances or the upgrades? Buyers looking at the middle of the market can probably afford to be choosy here.