These Philly Airbnb Rentals Would Make Awesome Spots to Host a Super Bowl Party

These hosts will let you have the run of the place for your event - as long as you treat the place right.

The Lodge at Cricklewood | All images via Airbnb

So you have Super Bowl fever and are jonesin’ to see the Eagles fly to victory this Sunday?

But you’d rather do it with some of your good friends instead of at a crowded bar?

And your own place isn’t set up to host a crowd?

Not to worry. With an assist from Airbnb, we’ve found several outstanding homes you might be able to borrow in order to throw your own Super Bowl party.

All of these come with large-screen TVs in rooms that can accommodate a larger party for watching the game. Some have cable (which you shouldn’t need if you can get local TV), and one even has a home theater.

The hosts are also glad to make themselves scarce when you and your friends roll around, though you will be able to reach them should you need something. (And we’ll wager they’d appreciate it if you invited them to your party.)

Before you book any of these homes, you should be aware that while all of these are listed on Airbnb as “suitable for events,” not every host is willing to accommodate an event like a Super Bowl party, so you should make your intentions clear when you contact the host about the property. Be sure to do that before you book the home, for some hosts charge cancellation fees. Those hosts who do state explicitly that they welcome parties charge additional fees on top of the stated rates for the event; those will be negotiated in advance of your booking.

And please — treat these homes as though they were your own. (Unless your own is a frat house.)

The Lodge at CricklewoodWest Chester (above) | Accommodates up to 16 guests, $995 per night for up to 10 guests, $100 per night for each additional guest

This owner of this comfortable rustic home in a secluded wooded subdivsion between West Chester and Concordville offers it as a vacation retreat, and it’s definitely equipped for a great vacation. When you’re not gathered around the TV in the lounge, you and your friends can shoot pool on the antique pool table or play air hockey, board games or video games on the Xbox One. It has a master suite with a Jacuzzi tub, a library filled with books on American history (especially the Civil War), and an outdoor spa. Coffee and tea are included with your stay, and the host can fix you up with wine, beer or a custom meal for additional charges.

Two-bedroom townhouse with movie theaterWillingboro | Accommodates up to 8 guests, $1,000 per night

This “super” townhouse in what was originally New Jersey’s Levittown has the perfect setup for Supe viewing in the form of an eight-seat home theater. The other rooms in the home have large-screen TVs and sofas as well. The master bedroom has “a custom-made king-sized platform bed made for royalty.”

Note: This home is listed as a papal visit rental. Check with the host about current availability and rates.

Exquisite townhome with roof deck and 3 full baths, Point Breeze | Accommodates up to 11 guests, $22 per night for up to 3 guests, $30 per night for each additional guest

This brand-new five-story townhouse in Point Breeze has a big-screen TV in its living room, which is part of an open plan main floor with a dining area and a nicely equipped kitchen. That kitchen has plenty of counter space for you to prep your party fare, or you can take advantage of the host’s partnership with a local meal prep service and offer your friends delicious professionally prepared meals (they’ll be waiting for you in the fridge) for an extra charge. By the way, you can buy the artwork on the walls if you wish; they’re created by Point Breezer Weston Welch.

Winter retreat for business travelers, Point Breeze | Accommodates up to 16 guests, $10 per night for first guest, $25 per night for each additional guest

This Point Breeze rowhome is set up as a flexible space to accommodate meetings, retreats and conferences. The big-screen TV is in the den, whose couches fold out to form beds. And if you’d like to have a larger crowd over, up to 9 available air and floor mattresses let you bunk more than the 16 guests the listing says this place can accommodate.

Nine-bedroom, three-bath modern home for large group, North Philadelphia (Fairhill/Glenwood) | Accommodates up to 16 guests, $209 per night for up to 3 guests, $15 per night for each additional guest

This renovated home-turned-into-three-apartments has open-plan main living areas on each floor, and if for any reason some of your guests would rather watch the game in a more intimate space, the two bedrooms on the first floor also have flat-screen TVs. Your guests will find its location easy to reach via the Route 23 bus that passes by the property or the Broad Street Line two blocks to the west.

The host requires that you provide the names of all your guests in advance for insurance purposes.

Six-bedroom, three-bath Spring ApartmentNorth Philadelphia (Glenwood) | Accommodates up to 15 guests, $159 per night for up to 8 guests, $17 per night for each additional guest

Here’s another large accommodation from the owner of the nine-bedroom home above, and it’s similarly configured and equipped, except that it takes up two of its three floors instead of all three and only the living rooms have flat-screen TVs.

The host requires that you provide the names of all your guests in advance for insurance purposes.

The Nativist, Northern Liberties | Accommodates up to 16 guests, $1,250 per night

We’re a little loath to recommend this beautifully restored 1848 manse near The Schmidt’s Commons because we know how Eagles fans can get, but if you’re the well-behaved kind of fan, this is one of the loveliest venues of them all for watching the game. It’s loaded with vintage furniture and has a classy bar in the living room; it’s so photogenic that the hosts also make this home available for film and photo shoots. Continental breakfast is included with your stay, and you can order brunch in advance for $15 per person if you wish.

Huge house with amazing roof deck, Fishtown | Accommodates up to 12 guests, $650 per night for up to 8 guests, $25 per night for each additional guest

If you’d like to fix a fabulous dinner for your Super Bowl bunch, this place is ideally equipped for you to do it, with a kitchen that’s fully stocked with implements and cookware to fix a meal for up to 12 people. If you’re one of those for whom grilling season knows no bounds, there’s a grill in the rear garden and another in the outdoor kitchen on the roof deck. The basement media room features the comfy sectional you see here and a 60-inch flat screen TV, making it the perfect game-day viewing space.