Trinity Tuesday: Eurostyle in Bella Vista for $260K

This updated trinity sits on a tranquil pedestrian path that's reminiscent of a sun-splashed Mediterranean village.

756 S. Darien St. #8 (8 Lincoln Ave.), Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | Images via Very Real Estate

You might be forgiven if, when you turn into the brick-paved pedestrian lane called Lincoln Avenue on which this trinity sits, you think you’ve managed to transport yourself to some picturesque village on the Amalfi coast. The sunshine, intimate scale and stucco walls of the homes lining this alley may have that effect on you.

But you’re not in Italy, though you are close to the Italian Market. You’re at the eastern edge of Bella Vista, close to dining, shopping, and lots of other good things — all of which you can forget exist in this spiffed-up trinity on a very quiet path.

The pathway serves as a communal courtyard that you and your neighbors share. Inside, you will enjoy a bright, airy yet equally intimate living space with all the latest features.

The eat-in kitchen on the first floor sports modern cabinetry, a farmhouse-style sink, glass-front cabinets, a smooth-top range and a beamed ceiling. In back is a small rear patio with a whimisical mural.

There’s a decorative fireplace in the second-floor living room, which can also serve as a bedroom if you wish. The bathroom on this floor has been updated with a sophisticated shower with a hand-held wand and body sprays.

The top-floor bedroom offers storage in the form of two wardrobes, one with a full-length mirror.

Laundry facilities and room to store your stuff can be found in the unfinished basement.

Want a home with a whiff of European feel in an American city? Here you go.





SALE PRICE: $259,900

756 S. Darien St. #8 (8 Lincoln Ave.), Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 [Kim Miller | Very Real Estate]