These Are the 10 Most Affordable Homes in Queen Village

You can buy into the most-sought-after school district in the city for less than $300K - but just barely. And there's no room for your kids at that price.

Like the trinity that is the only lower-priced listing in the neighborhood, this one-bedroom condo on Bainbridge Street is perfect for an individual or young couple. But chances are you’re looking in Queen Village because you want to get your kids into Meredith. That will cost you. | TREND image via RE/MAX Access

Moderately-priced homes in Queen Village seem as hard to find as on-street parking spaces in the neighborhood. Parking’s a bear because it’s wedged in between South Street, the Delaware waterfront and the Italian Market area. Cheaper homes are scarce because the neighborhood’s public grade school, Edwin T. Meredith, is by just about all accounts the single best elementary school in the city.

Which means that buyers will likely pay a premium for a Queen Village home. And the ten least expensive homes the NeighborhoodX people found on the market in Queen Village right now bear out that prediction.

In terms of price per square foot, these ten homes are the most expensive least-expensive homes yet uncovered in this survey — and they cluster at the upper end of the neighborhood’s overall price range.

“On a per-square-foot basis, these range from $263 to $406 per square foot,” said Constantine A. Valhouli, director of research for NeighborhoodX. “The neighborhood as a whole ranges from $126 to $431 per square foot.”

In terms of total sale price, they range from $288,000 to $425,000, making them the most expensive least-expensive homes so far on that metric as well.

Most of these homes are condominium units, and one is part of a Streamline Solutions development currently under construction. The home with the lowest sale price per square foot is a condo in a three-story property that’s currently undergoing a full renovation. The home with the lowest sale price in dollar terms is an expanded trinity on Randolph Street — probably not a home a family with young children would consider.

All the homes save the one being renovated are in good shape, however; there’s not a fixer-upper in the bunch.

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