Best of Philly: The 5 Best Friends Your Home Ever Had

Want to spruce up your home or fix some leaky pipes? These handy people will do those things and more for you with aplomb.

Pipes never spring leaks on a plumber’s schedule. One of our Best of Philly picks this year will fix them when they happen. | Photo: Firmafotografen via iStock

Need a plumber stat (that’s doc-speak for “right now”)? Want your friends and neighbors to gush over the way your home looks from the street — or sparkles on the inside? Want to replace those builder-grade kitchen cabinets with something truly original? Don’t want to toss that coffeemaker or toaster? These service providers and craftspeople will help keep your home looking great and working right.

DIY workshops at Karen Singer Tileworks. At this master tile artist’s workshops at her Germantown studio, you can craft your own address plate, in your choice of styles and colors, so you get exactly what your house longs for. 90 East Church Lane, Philadelphia | 215-849-7010 | Website

Kole Made. The stunning cabinetry, built-ins and shelving coming out of this design-build firm in Brewerytown aren’t just about good looks: Kole Made’s sleek, creative work milks every square inch of potential storage space for all its worth. 3060 West Jefferson Street, Philadelphia | 215-740-7182 | Website

Goodman Plumbing.
 Leaking toilets, flooded basements and clogged disposals always (always!) happen on Sundays. Thank God Goodman is a 24/7 shop, and a great one at that, with experienced pros who are quick to respond and don’t leave until the problem is solved, even if that means installing a new toilet the same day. Service in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties. Multiple locations | 215-364-7775 | Website

EverGreen Maids.
The moment you realize these city-focused cleaners haven’t just de-grimed your baseboards and shined the floors, but also scraped off crust inside your microwave, sucked up dust bunnies from under the radiator, even somehow de-stained the bathroom grout: joy! 1700 Sansom Street, Philadelphia | 215-618-2217 | Website

ACS Repair Center. Coffeemaker lost its perk? Vacuum refusing to suck? Your toaster, er, toast? These good people get almost anything working again. Your wallet—and the landfill—will thank you. 6407 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia | 215-725-3112 | Website