Stately Wayne Manor Gets an Agent – and a Haircut

Its owner has put the redone William Price-designed mansion back on the market with an actual listing agent and a lower price.

100 Pembroke Ave., Wayne, Pa. 19087 | TREND images via Zillow

100 Pembroke Ave. in Wayne has been relisted with an actual real estate agent. | TREND image via Zillow

Recall that gorgeous brick English Gothic mansion in Wayne we featured as our Jawdropper of the Week back on January 17th?

Apparently, its owner has decided that the no-frills approach to selling it wasn’t working, despite Simple Choice Realty’s claims about its flat-fee listing service: “It’s Easy, It’s Affordable, It works!”

Maybe it works for a typical tract house, McMansion or modest rehabbed home. But it appears that a home this special, with a price tag to match, needs a real pro to market it effectively.

So this home’s owner has turned to the Beth Samberg Team at Keller Williams Realty Main Line to move this property.

We wish her all success in doing so, for it appears that the owner has had trouble moving it so far.

When Curbed Philly did a roundup of the 15 most expensive homes for sale on the Main Line last August, the newly listed 100 Pembroke Ave. clocked in at the No. 5 spot, with a sale price of $8 million.

By the time it crossed our radar screen the following January, its asking price had been cut by $350,000, to $7.65 million.

The owner apparently thought the home would sell itself, given all that had gone into its renovation. The original listing with the $8 million asking price was posted through at the end of July last year. It was relisted through Simple Choice, which is one of a number of flat-fee sites that offer sell-it-yourself owners a professional front, for $7.65 million shortly after Labor Day. The home was listed with Keller Williams on Feb. 3 with another price cut — a drop of $250,000 to $7.4 million.

The new listing comes with new professionally shot photos that showcase more of this home’s striking style. (To see them, click on the listing link below.)

This looks like a listing we may want to keep our eyes on. And maybe even make book on how long it will stay with this agent before the owner tries another tack.

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