11 Philly-Themed Home Items That Will Actually Look Cool in Your House

Just don't overdo it.

It’s just a fact of life that themed home decor of any kind can skew really cheesy really fast. There’s a delicate tipping point at which you go from having a good eye for interesting pieces to becoming the weird bag lady with all the porcelain cat figurines.

But another fact of life is this: Philadelphians love Philadelphia. And that’s a good thing. But decor-wise, the trouble begins when you start filling your home with every kind of Philly-themed item under the sun (especially if said items have to do with your favorite Philly sports team).

I’m here to tell you: Moderation is key. One or two striking pieces or objects that show your hometown pride can add a nice punch to your room. I waded through the depths of Etsy to find a handful of non-cheesy Philly-themed pieces you could be proud to display in your home. Just don’t overdo it. 

Philadelphia Skyline Gold Foil Print, $15
Etched Glass Philadelphia Map, $175
Philadelphia Skyline Coaster Set, $35
Embroidered Philadelphia LOVE by Robert Indiana Kitchen Tea Towel, $11.99
Map of Philadelphia 1840, starts at $24

Philadelphia Map Throw Pillow, starts at $24

Vintage Philadelphia Pennant, $45
Philadelphia Skyline, starts at $12.47
Philadelphia Magnet Set, $8
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Minimalist SEPTA/PATCO Subway Art Print, starts at $12.50
Philadelphia Typography Map, starts at $25