Property’s Photo of the Week: Philly’s Psychedelic Sunset View

The trippy video captures the spirit of Philadelphia's evolving cityscape.

A video posted by Loren (@photolope) on

Sure the heat of summer is still here, but according to the calendar, the season is very much over. Where did the time go, right? At least we can take some solace in one thing: much like the first two quarters of 2015, September and the proceeding months are certain to bring with them a slew of new developments to Philadelphia’s real estate scene — groundbreakings, rendering reveals, property acquisitions, you name it.

Thus far, it’s been a really fun ride and we thought this trippy video by Loren Berckey (some of you may know him as @photolope) captured the playful and exciting spirit surrounding Philadelphia’s evolving cityscape perfectly. Titled “Spinning City Sunset” on his Instagram account, the clip is tagged with the PSFS Building as its location, which begs the question: can you find an equally cool spot from which to photograph/film Philly?

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! And don’t forget to tag your amazing photos with #Phillyscape!

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