Property’s Photo of the Week: A Forgotten Piece of Philly Off Roosevelt Boulevard

This indomitable twin house stands near a vacant expanse with some potential.

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Actually, there’s really nobody around at all, except a church a few blocks away and another lonely house standing in the middle of the acreage.

That snippet is from a 2012 Inquirer article on a family residing at Logan Triangle, a dejected piece of North Philadelphia land off Roosevelt Boulevard and a hot topic among Logan locals anxious to see it put to productive neighborhood use. Lamentably, to read the article’s description of the property then would be like reading a description of it today.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

In case you missed it, neighbors met with city representatives over two weeks ago to discuss the future of the neglected 40-acre plot, which has been owned by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority since 2012. (Long-demolished homes that once stood there were sold off by former residents because “they were sinking into a forgotten creekbed“.)

You can learn all about the Logan Triangle saga and the recent meeting, which, unfortunately, did little to assuage the justified concerns of neighbors, in this Property post by Sandy Smith. We encourage you to read it in full, but we’ll leave you with this tidbit: among the differing plans for what to do with it, the one that caught out attention was the proposal for a 300-tiny home development with recreational facilities, community vegetable gardens, open spaces, and a “Patch Adams Free Clinic.” Now that’s something!

Anyway, onto Property’s Photo of the Week… Why’d we choose this indomitable twin house? Well, for a lot of reasons. First off, you’ve got to admit it’s striking as hell just standing there without its other half. Second, photographer @jen_es tells us it sits on Roosevelt Boulevard – in Logan. So, it’s a home in proximity to the vacant expanse that’s an eyesore to so many. Third, it’s an arresting slice of Philadelphia’s motley cityscape, which, you might recall, we long promised to acknowledge.

Shout out to Kristin Catoe without whose #Phillyscape re-gram of this gem we would not have stumbled upon it.

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