Property’s Photo of the Week: These Installations by Kensington High Schoolers Will Stun You

No, we're not tearing up. Who brought onions?

On the El some weeks ago, I caught a glimpse of Kensington CAPA high school student Vidura Cameron – not in person, but through his amazing installation near the Market-Frankford Line’s Berks Station. Pictured above is Philadelphia photographer Theresa Stigale’s capture of the piece and its beautiful companions.

Provoked by curiosity and feels (if the silhouette poster with the words “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rob you” doesn’t punch you in the gut…), a Google Search followed. What came up made my day. Hopefully it makes yours too. From StreetsDept:

AMAZING work up right now around Kensington from some very talented young photographers!

This photo shows just one small piece of a neighborhood-wide outdoor exhibition from students at Kensington CAPA high school that tells their stories through text and photography.

Per its website, the “Whats Your Story?” project aims to “amplify the voices” of the seventy-plus students who created personal pieces –  photos, poems, essays, or videos, according to NewsWorks – that reveal their “authentic vision of their identities.” On a broader level, the project is meant to highlight the varied and complex nature of high school students in a particular Philadelphia neighborhood.

Several of these pieces, like Cameron’s, are hanging at eight locations around Kensington.

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