Spotted: Philly’s Cityscape Captured Through Paper Sculptures

You can see eleven of them on display until August 16th.

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Philadelphia-based artist Drew Leshko is doing something really cool. Using paper and wood, he carves, cuts, and layers the materials to create replicas of buildings, news stands, and other features in his neighborhood. His raison d’être? His artist statement makes it clear:

… Leshko creates documentary studies of architecture from his neighborhood in an attempt to create a three dimensional archive of buildings that are in transitional periods. The work examines gentrification and history, how historical relevance is determined, and most importantly, what is worth preserving.

The paper sculptures – done at a 1:12 scale, we might add – are crafted from observation and photographs, with Leshko not shying away from minute details like city detritus and acid rain deposits. We’ve included photos of some of his pieces from his Instagram below, although you can see eleven of the seventeen in person.

Currently, his “Relics” exhibit is ongoing at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. It’s running until August 16th and is free (details here). Meanwhile, should you want to have one of these for your own, the Paradigm Gallery at 4th and Fitzwater has about five of them for sale, as well as other Leshko creations. You can see them here

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One stop deli found a home. .

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Selling them faster than I can make them. Talk about having problems…. A photo posted by Drew Leshko (@drewleshko) on