Property’s Photo of the Week: Puppies, Puddleporn and the Ben Franklin Bridge

This 'Gram features three of our favorite things. Plus, tips about keeping your pets healthy in the heat.

Oh man, how could we resist this one? Not only does this ‘Gram from @r.zntch feature Philly’s most iconic bridge, it neatly packages the whole #PhillyScape experience into a adorable puppy shot with just the right amount of #PuddlePorn. (Yes, there is something called #PuddlePorn.) This pic is so cool that we don’t even mind that it was taken on the Camden side of the Delaware River.

PSA: As temps creep closer to triple digits this week, it’s important to not only protect yourself from the excessive heat with plenty of water and shade, but also your pets. Here’s a great list of tips from Penn Vet about how to keep ’em healthy throughout those, ah-hem, dog days of summer. Be sure to check out this list of proper cooling methods from the Humane Society.

Also, if you’re looking to adopt a furry friend of your own, head on over to Be Well and gawk at the ever-smiling Allan, a young Pit bull mix that’s a perfect running companion (although not in this heat!).

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