Ranking Puts West Conshohocken as the #1 Suburb in America to Buy a House

Conshohocken, Narberth, and whole bunch of other local 'burbs made the list too.
Image via Google Street View

Image via Google Street View

Wasn’t it just last month that Niche had us scratching our heads with its “Best Suburbs in America” list? If you recall, they ranked Narberth as the 10th best ‘burb in the country, ahead of the likes of Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, and even Lower Merion Township. Now, they’ve caught us just a teensy bit by surprise yet again with their recently released “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in America” compilation.

The ‘burb honored with the no. 1 spot on the ranking? West Conshohocken.

To be fair, it’s only unexpected because it’s a national list with just over 11,300 other suburbs to take into account prior to making the cut. For West Conshy to beat out about 11,200 of those, along with its 99 contenders, warrants an eyebrow-raise at the very least. Interestingly, a whole slew of other area suburbs were also included:

  • Conshohocken (#8)
  • Narberth (#17)
  • Lower Frederick Township (#18)
  • Bridgeport (#22)
  • Chalfont (#27)
  • Birmingham Township (#52)
  • Ambler (#62)
  • Upper Merion Township (#78)
  • Montgomery Township (#84)
  • Upper Providence Township (#96)
  • Hatboro (#97)

Among the factors considered when assessing each of the suburbs were median home values, home value to income ratio, crime & safety grade, education grade, and rent to income ratio. You can see the full methodology here.