Headlines: Is Trump-ish Tower Back in Play on the Delaware?

Plus: BizPhilly takes a look at Southport, Citified has Q & A's and the CITC is rising high.

Pier 35 & 1/2 | via Google Street View

Pier 35 & 1/2 | via Google Street View

The development process of Pier 35 & 1/2 is in its infancy, but is it possible that the previous Trump Tower Philadelphia proposal is being used as the “template” for the site? Jacob Adelman of The Inquirer, who first reported the sale of the pier, talked with a spokesman for the new owners, who say they’re “pursuing the highest and best use of the property” and that Trump-ish tower development is among the options.

The new owners of the Delaware River pier where the ill-fated Trump Tower Philadelphia was to have been built see the project as a possible template for developing the site, according to George Polgar, a spokesman for the recent buyers.

Prior to the recession, a partnership that included Donald Trump planned a 45-story mixed-use tower that included condos, a hotel, high-end spa and restaurant (and this amazing video).  Adelman reports the new ownership group, Pier 35 1/2, purchased the site for $2.4 million and is also exploring “a plan for as many as 60 townhouses on the 2.13-acre tract.” Again, it’s early, folks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting.

BizPhilly Talks Southport:

Jared Shelly takes a look at the future of Southport, a 239-acre parcel east of the Navy Yard on the Delaware River.

In the latest re-development plan, the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority has received 16 proposals for development and is reviewing the plans.

Head over to Biz Philly to take a look at City Controller Alan Butkovtiz’s plans for the port.

Citified’s Q & A with City Council Hopefuls:

Our friends over at Citified have been burning the candle at both ends to bring you a full slate of coverage of the various political battles for mayor and city council. Their recent set of Q & A’s with Allan Domb, Paul Steinke and Isaiah Thomas drill down on the issues of tax delinquency, transforming commercial corridors and a youth-centric agenda, respectively.

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