Headlines: ‘Sneckdown’ Post Leads to Real Changes on East Passyunk Avenue

Plus: A Roosevelt Boulevard Subway Line?; Zonoff's New Offices and Fun With Maps.

One by one, the wonky intersections along East Passyunk Avenue are starting to be transformed into pedestrian-friendly plazas. If you’re a regular at Birra, Bing Bing Dim Sum or Cantina Los Caballitos, you better pay attention.

About a year ago during a heavy snow, Jon Geeting took to the Avenue (and This Old City) to introduce one of the more fun and important words to the vernacular of urbanist Philadelphians: sneckdown. It’s that shape of snow left by traffic that shows what part of the road isn’t being used by cars and could be used to aid pedestrians. Well, it’s gone way past words in a post that eventually went viral; those changes are about to happen in real life.

Geeting, now the engagement editor at PlanPhilly, has gotten word that the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation used those visuals from the sneckdown piece as evidence to show the Streets Department a plan for traffic calming measures at the intersection where East Passyunk Avenue meets 12th and Morris Street. Two proposed site plans were released last week.

Plans would include more crosswalks, news traffic lights, pedestrian islands and wider sidewalks to lessen the time crossing the intersection. The project is expected to cost $700,000 and be ready by “early 2016,” according to Geeting. PlanPhilly has the renderings of the two initial plans.

Renderings: Changes coming to E. Passyunk “sneckdown” intersection [PlanPhilly]

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