Spotted on the Delaware River: Pier 25 North Is Now Up For Grabs

The action is starting to heat up along the Delaware River.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 1.35.05 PM

Pier 25 and its remnants | Via Google Maps

It seems these days like we’re updating you a few times per week about some new happening along the mighty banks of the Delaware River. A few days ago, it became known that the former site of the proposed Trump Tower Philadelphia (Pier 35 & 1/2) was sold to a group planning a residential development. Now, it’s Pier 25’s turn to have its day in the spotlight.

Located at 417 North Columbus Boulevard and currently the home to Cavanaugh’s River Deck, the pier site has been listed for sale, announced Colliers International. Michael Barmash of Colliers International confirmed that the pier is currently owned by Pier 25 North Associates. “We’ve just come on board and started a very wide campaign,” said Barmash, who mentioned the site could be a great spot for a multi-family mid-to-high rise project or even town homes.

Back in 2007, a proposal called for a 38-story building on the 2.27-acre parcel, which from the looks of things seemed like some pretty heavy duty stuff. Plans sought to rebuild the pier and remove “940 wooden pilings that held up the old pier and sinking 815 new concrete-filled steel pilings into the riverbed,” according to PlanPhilly. The previous proposal called for a “narrow tower” with 182 condos on Columbus Boulevard and 24 town homes in two rows out on the pier.

A press release for the new listing states the site is zoned CMX-3 and a “recent highest and best use analysis suggest multi-family development with supporting commercial is optimal for this site.”

Bids for the property are due by August 15, 2015.