The CITC’s Legendary Architect Auctioning Off Private Helicopter Tour of London

Sir Norman Foster is offering a Willy Wonka-esque tour to the highest bidder to benefit the Van Alen Institute.


Foster + Partners designed the CITC | Image via Comcast

The Van Alen Institute in New York City is offering up an “experience” auction that start on May 6. Essentially, you get to bid to hangout out with some of the leading architects and designers in the entire world. Here’s the gist from their website: “Proceeds from this Auction of Art and Design Experiences benefit our cross disciplinary research, provocative public programs, and inventive design competitions.”

One of them promises to be an experience like nothing that has happened before, ever.

Architect, Norman Foster offers a helicopter ride along the River Thames from a helipad in Southwest London to view the British capital’s transforming skyline. You will enjoy a privileged view of the architect’s own iconic designs, including the Gherkin, London’s City Hall, and in the distance the faceted courtyard of the British Museum.

So does that mean you’ll be flying with the Pritzker Prize-winner himself? Well, no. Here is the all important blurb from the Terms and Conditions: “This experience will take place in Lord Foster’s private helicopter, Lord Foster will not be in attendance.” Oh gosh, it’s only his private helicopter now?

Foster + Partners designed the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center (CITC), you know it has the future tallest building in North America not in New York or Chicago. (The blade counts!) That’s not all for Foster’s crew in Philly, they’re on board with the upcoming $1.5 billion project for Penn Health Systems.

The entire auction starts May 6 and runs through May 20.