First Look at Renderings of New Flagship Center City Wawa

The Wawa at Broad and Walnut streets, which the company hopes to have open by Thanksgiving, will have indoor seating and a unique look.

Wawa - Broad and Walnut rendering

A rendering of the new Wawa and Broad and Walnut.

Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled the first renderings of the new Wawa location at Broad and Walnut today. The new location, according to Wawa president and CEO Chris Gheysens, will have “a look that is unlike any store that we have.” The spot will have indoor seating, unique among Wawa locations currently.

Wawa - indoor rendering 1

Mayor Michael Nutter shows off a rendering of the inside of the new Wawa at Broad and Walnut. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

The Wawa store will replace Robinson Luggage, a longtime tenant that announced its closure in late 2013. After closing several locations in Center City over the last decade, the new store is a drastic shift for the convenience store chain founded on April 16th, 1964.

Gheysens, the CEO, says the new store will have indoor seating. Some locations in Florida and the suburbs have outdoor seating. The Wawa at 38th and Spruce used to have indoor seating so it could have a liquor license. It sold beer until 2001; the seating was later removed.

Wawa inside rendering 2

Another look at the inside of the new Wawa.

“We have reinvested in Center City in a big way,” Gheysens said. “Both in this store [17th and Arch], 38th and Spruce, 9th and Walnut and even most recently at 21st and Hamilton. All of the Wawas that we have are up to date with our latest and greatest designs to bring … the folks in Center City the best of what Wawa has to offer … We have re-evaluated our position in Center City.”

The packed crowd at 17th and Arch cheered loudly when Gheysens announced the indoor seating at the new location. “It will have a look that is unlike any other store that we have,” he said. “If we’re going to build a flagship Wawa store — which is this is what it is, this represents the best of our thinking — then where else better than in Center City Philadelphia, our hometown.”

Wawa said it hopes to have the location opened by Thanksgiving.

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