Morning Headlines: Camden’s ‘Waterfront Abyss’ Wins Parking Tournament

Plus: Lansdale Apartment Complex Sold; Fronts have bee filled and Steel Pier news!

Camden's waterfront | Via Google Street View

Camden’s waterfront | Via Google Street View

Camden has been making strides to change its image over the past few years. The state has offered huge incentives to companies willing to relocate to the city (hello, 76ers and Subaru) and a recent reports show that there has been a near 50% reduction in gunfire within city limits thanks to a technology called ShotSpotter. For all that promise comes some obvious news, Camden’s waterfront has a ton of surface parking lots. In fact, it recently won Streetsblog’s annual ‘Golden Crater’ award–a winner-take-all tournament style that pits urban parking pits against each other. The vote was close, but Camden took home the gold. Um, congratulations?

Even hollowed-out Parkersburg, West Virginia — with a name that seemed destined for victory in this contest — fell short in the championship match. Camden emerged from the final poll with a 15-vote margin to claim the third annual Golden Crater title, joining Tulsa and Rochester.

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Holy Crap, a Bunch of Fronts Have Been Filled:

Seriously, one of the best recurring blog posts is Philaphilia’s Fill This Front. While everything GroJLart writes is phenomenal, it’s the Fill This Front piece that sheds necessary light on some prime, emphasis on prime, space that’s vacant for some crazy reason. Check out the update here!

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