Morning Headlines: Community Funds Historic Restoration at The Woodlands

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Cleaned and numbered 18th century bricks. These will all be put back exactly where they came from. #cryptoconstruction

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Last year, we found out that University City District had raised $1.4 million to help realize their grandiose plans to transform the 40th Street Trolley terminal at 40th and Woodland Avenue, right out side of the cemetery gates, into a public amenity that incorporated the hustle and bustle of a transit hub with green space and a cafe.

Last week, the celebratory news came two-fold for the cemetery dating back to 1840. Not only did a number Instagrammers start the Philly iteration of the World Wide Instameet within its hallowed confines, but the The Woodlands announced it had reached its fundraising goals in order to restore the Hamilton Stable. By raising the $218,000, they’ve secured a $612,000 challenge grant to restore the Hamilton Mansion as well, according to West Philly Local. The mansion is a stunner. According to The Woodlands, it’s one of the greatest domestic achievements of the 18th century with “what were likely the best-finished and most sophisticated internal service spaces created at that time in Philadelphia, and perhaps the country as a whole.” Damn.

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