Pics Inside PATCO’s ‘Ghost’ Station,
Plus Poll Results

Fifty-five percent of readers said they would use it if it reopened.

Photo credit: Mike Williams / Delaware River Port Authority

Photo credit: Mike Williams / Delaware River Port Authority

Early last week it was reported that if the Delaware River Port Authority decided to reopen their Franklin Square PATCO Station at 6th and Race, it would cost an estimated $18.5 million. Whether or not such a project will ever come to fruition is too soon to tell, but we did ask you, our smart readers, your thoughts on the matter: In the wake of the Franklin Square’s somewhat recent stretch of success as a social space, do you think it should reopen?

Below, the results of our poll, which asked if you would use Franklin Square Station. (Note: 526 readers participated.) Additionally, scroll down and you’ll find we’ve included photos of the ghost station, two of which were taken last week.

Photos courtesy of Mike Williams of the Delaware River Port Authority.