POLL: Would You Use Franklin Square Station If It Reopened?

Should it reopen?

Image via Google Street View

Image via Google Street View

On Monday the Inquirer’s Paul Nussbaum reported that it would cost about $18.5 million for PATCO to reopen Franklin Square Station, a stop on PATCO’s High Speed Line that was last put to use in 1979. In the wake of the Franklin Square’s somewhat recent stretch of success as a social space, do you think it should reopen? Let us know what you think in the below poll.

The projected amount for the station’s renewal comes from a study commissioned by the Delaware River Port Authority. According to Nussbaum, the potential cost is “50 percent more than transit officials expected. Additionally, the report makes no recommendations about opening it to the pubic again and estimates that ridership, which it appraises would might consist of up to 1,300 people, would mostly be “current riders who now use the Eighth and Market Streets station.”

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