Bloomingdale’s Is Officially Looking for Space in Center City

Do you have 120,000-square-feet to 150,000-square-feet available in Center City?

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 2.07.30 PM

A clip from MSC Retail’s listing

An email sent by MSC Retail yesterday notes that Bloomingdale’s is “actively looking” for anywhere between 120,000-square-feet and 150,000-square-feet of space for a “full line” store within Center City. Reports back in 2013 said that the company was looking towards The Gallery as a possible option. Is that still the case? HughE Dillion of PhillyChitChat sure seems to think so.

Michael Salove, President and CEO of MSC Retail, told us in an email: “The only comment we can make regarding Bloomingdale’s full line store is that we are interested in Center City Philadelphia should the appropriate opportunity be sourced.  We cannot comment on location, timing, etc.”

Interestingly enough, Bloomingdale’s is also on the hunt in “Eastern PA, Southern NJ and DE” for locations between 15,000-square-feet and 25,000-square-feet of space in “lifestyle centers, outlet centers, downtown/urban environments, and regional malls” for their outlet line of stores, according to the email.