This Is What Philadelphia Will Look Like in 15 Years

Screenshot via the Urban Land Institute

Screenshot via the Urban Land Institute

No, this isn’t a look at how Philly might advance technologically, (do you really think flying cars will be zooming down the Schuylkill Expressway in 2030?) rather, it’s a glimpse at how our germinating population (which has surely proved itself as one of the main driving forces behind all the retail projects and new constructions sprouting up), will continue to shape over the course of fifteen years.

Using ever-useful “historical trends and census data”, The Urban Land Institute has developed a nifty interactive tool (you can zoom into various cities and alter data trends like birth and death rates for different outcomes) that shows us how continuing population shifts will affect us.

The results? It’s estimated that the Greater Philadelphia Area could see a 6.50 percent population increase.

Below, a screenshot of the Urban Land Institute’s guess for what the demographic changes this growth entails.

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