Social Media Account Puts Philly’s Unshoveled Sidewalks on Blast

@Unshoveled shows us that the war on Philly's crappy snow habits is real.

There’s a new social media account in town that seeks to continue the assault on Philly’s crappy snow-related habits. @Unshoveled officially debuted today to publicly put on blast those pesky (and often dangerous) sections of snow-covered sidewalks throughout Philadelphia. “In the future, every unshoveled sidewalk will be world famous for fifteen minutes,” its Twitter profile states. It also looks like they’re retweeting user-generated photos of locations throughout the city–so now you can join in on the fun.

We’ve already seen the Philadelphia Police wrangle up common space savers–anything from lawn chairs to orange cones–in a real (and admittedly humorous) attempt to end the oft-heated tradition. One Boston neighborhood recently banned the practice outright–with the city backing them up in their quest!

• H/t Unshoveled Sidewalk [Twitter]
Love This Twitter Account: @unshoveled – Now You Can Shame Your Philly Unshoveled Sidewalks/Pavements [Philadelinquency]