Rail Park Plans Continue to Make Headway with Phase 1

The latest update on the long-anticipated park.

As one reader reminded us on our roundup of developments we’ll be tracking in 2015, the proposed Rail Park is one of the city’s most anticipated projects of the new year. Well, guess what? Friends of the Rail Park sent out a status update on the project’s first phase a few days ago! Here’s what it said:

BREAKING GROUND ON PHASE 1  Designs for the first phase of the Rail Park are complete. Construction documents are ready to bid out. A lease for Phase 1 between the Center City District (CCD) and SEPTA is being finalized. The CCD has grant commitments in hand for nearly 50% of the expected $8.5 million in construction costs and is awaiting word on one additional grant. In concert with CCD’s efforts, FRP continues to build support and develop resources to steward Phase 1 while bringing attention to the entire 3-mile site.


The message, which can be read in full here, adds that FRP will be collaborating with DesignPhiladelphia in coming months to gather a team of volunteers for the purposes of re-imagining spaces near the viaduct “into interactive, immersive, educational and whimsical destinations in October 2015.”

Additionally, ArtPlace America has given FRP, DP, and the Asian Arts Initiative (AAI) a grant expected to help with long-term improvements AAI has planned for Pearl Street in Callowhill, “as well as installations and events promoting Phase 1 of the Rail Park.”

A note from the board [Friends of the Rail Park]