Property’s Weekend Agenda: Relive the Glory Days of Hohendel House

Felicite Moorman and her family restored the property, which had been in a blighted state for years.

Have a cold brew at a house party that celebrates the newly renovated Hohenadel House in East Falls! This Saturday, the party will include recreated Hohenadel brews by local homebrewer Tom Coughlin, live music, and a pop-up museum with “period-appropriate furniture” and other artifacts. Further event details below.

Back in the mid-nineties, Hohenadel Brewery in East Falls was an endangered landmark that went on to be demolished in 1997. The home of the defunct brewery’s owner seemed to be heading in the same direction.

According to, the historic mansion that once housed the Hohenadel family was in such a state of disrepair that graffiti artists, squatters, and a whole other slew of blight connoisseurs had taken over. One day, someone stepped in:

“Every day, I’d walk around the neighborhood, looking for a home for my family,” Moorman said. “Then this property comes on the market, and I fell in love with it immediately.”

It took nine months to secure the loan and rezoning, Moorman said. In March, the extensive repairs began.

“There were no light fixtures, there wasn’t even a ceiling,” she said. “It was insane to even start the project. I think people still think I’m a little crazy . . . but I’d just say, ‘Look at the woodwork, look at the stained glass.’ “

Felicite Moorman and her family had moved to the area from Oklahoma in 2012 and once they had fallen under the spell of Hohenadel House, set forth to restore the property to its former glory. Tonight’s celebration is a “thank you” from local organizations to the Moorman’s for their role in helping save the historic residence.

WHAT: East Falls Hohenadel House Party
WHEN: Saturday October 18th, 6:00PM – 10:00PM
WHERE: Hohenadel House, 3617 Indian Queen Lane, Philadelphia, PA, 19129
REGISTER: $40, buy tickets here

• Raise a glass to Hohenadel beer at brewer’s historic mansion in East Falls []