Digital Signage Coming to Lit Bros.

Brickstone Realty gets one step closer.

Market Street side of Mellon Independence Center. Photo credit: Google Street View

Photo credit: Google Street View

It seemed like a sort of out-of-nowhere reference from John Connors at the CPDC meeting yesterday: Brickstone Realty’s VP led with a mention of the Ridge Avenue Subway spur, which, he said, was finally being leveraged appropriately. He went on to discuss more expected topics, but that mention makes more sense with today’s news — that Brickstone will upgrade the Ridge Avenue subway concourse as long as they’re given permission to put a 14-foot tall digital sign on top of the Lit Brothers building.

It’s not a one-for-one trade. According to PlanPhilly, yesterday the Philadelphia City Planning Commission Brickstone approved a plan that would have Brickstone making various public investments in exchange for that signage:

Spending $10 million on public investments is a requirement under the Market Street East Advertising District, the special zoning district that allows for large, digital signs advertising both uses on-site (accessory) and elsewhere (non-accessory). PCPC approval isn’t technically the only way forward, but it is in reality. The other option: A property owner can make all the improvements and then ask for permission to erect their sign.

If you’d like to read more about the sign, and the planned improvement in the building’s bathrooms, go here.