Midday Headlines: Real Estate Market Edition

Confused? That's because the conventional wisdom is all over the place.

housing in graduate hospital

Photo: Liz Spikol

Sometimes you hear millennials are the key to the housing recovery. Other times you hear they’re ruining everything. And that’s not the only conflicting report out there. Today we have a handful of recent stories that will, we hope, clarify things — even though they may hold opposing points of view.

Housing Barometer: Recovery Staggers Forward [Daily Finance]
What Housing Recovery? [NYT]

Why millennials are hurting the real estate recovery [WSJ]
Real estate market still advantageous for first-time home buyers despite seller’s market [silive.com]
Housing’s Slowdown Sparks Growing Concern [Realtor Mag]
Builders See Growth in Master Communities [Realtor Mag]
Slow Household Formation a Concern Amid Recovery [National Real Estate Investor online; register for access]
Mortgage Rates Push Even Further into 6-Month Lows [Mortgage News Daily]