Will Alexander Wilson School Be Turned Into Housing?

Photo credit: Great Philly Schools.

Photo credit: Great Philly Schools.

Word on the street is Orens Brothers Real Estate will get the former Alexander Wilson School at 46th and Woodland. As mentioned earlier, the building is one of several shuttered School District properties being eyed by potential buyers.

Orens Brothers intends to convert the building into a residential space with possible ground floor retail, not too surprising considering their rehab track record. Their most recent renovation was the infamous Croydon Building known for being a squatter haven and having been the site of a rooftop murder in 2007. That property has since been turned into a residential unit aimed at students.

Specifics on the Alexander Wilson project are thin at the moment, but the Inquirer got this from Scott Orens:

“We’re excited about the opportunity to develop the site. I think it’s fantastic, and I look forward to developing it to everyone’s satisfaction.”

The Oren Bros. previously redeveloped the Old Shoe Factory into a condo building, and have plans to do part of the Legendary Blue Horizon.

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