Photo of Sexcapade Realtors Caught on Camera Released to Press

Unfortunately, that's not as exciting as it sounds.

realtors-behaving-badlyOne of the sticking points in the battle between the Weiner family — who were trying to sell a house only to have the sale stalled by two realtors who used it as a meeting place for trysts — and the former Coldwell Banker agents is the video cameras. The Weiners say the badly behaved realtors, Jeannemarie Phelan and Robert Lindsay, knew the cameras were there and actually took pleasure in that. Phelan and Lindsay characterized the cameras as hidden, which matters because of a countersuit being filed against the Weiners.

A photo of the Phelan and Lindsay that purports to show the two looking into the camera (left) has been sent to the press, along with a release that reminds reporters of the prior facts of the case.

The New Jersey Real Estate Commission is investigating the whole mess, the press release asserts.

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