Main Line Monday: Onetime “Undercover Boss” Puts Gladwyne Manse on the Market

The 6BR home is going for just over $2.5 million.

Former Synagro CEO Bill Massa had his 15 minutes of fame in 2011 when he was featured on the CBS show Undercover Boss. The premise of the show is that high-level executives take jobs as low-level employees within their own companies in order to get an unvarnished view of the issues their out-of-the-exectutive-suite employees have to deal with.

Massa probably had the most un-whitewashed experience among all the executives who have appeared on Undercover Boss — Synagra is in the waste management business. During the 43-minute program, which AOL Jobs described as “the oohiest, gooiest, grossest, most disgusting Undercover Boss ever,” Massa sampled sludge in a waste-water treatment plant, worked with a bulldozer operator who was cleaning out waste materials from a lagoon, converted waste to pellets, and hosed down a sludge tank.

After seeing how the other half worked, the former nuclear-submarine engineer and current investment banker escaped to the comforts of his stucco and stone home at 930 Stony Lane in Gladwyne (seen for a few frames during the program). Built in 2008, the home is meant to have an “old-world” look to it. When guests drive up to the home, they see stone pillars and gas lights, and a front courtyard with a fountain. They can park in a garage that mimics the design of the main home, with carriage doors and arched stone entrances.

Inside, some unpredictable angles, custom-closet built-ins, and some nice tile work in the bathrooms makes for a more modern picture.

Beds: 6
Square feet: 8,035
Price: $2,585,000.

• Listing: 930 Stony Lane, Gladwyne