Tomorrow: Completely Insane Estate Sale in King of Prussia

Just in time for Christmas shopping comes this knick-knack-crammed sale.

An estate sale can be a delicious voyeuristic pleasure if the home’s owner is still alive, which is quite often. People sell their belongings via estate sales for all kinds of reasons: they’re leaving the country, they’re empty nesters moving from suburbs to city, they’re downsizing, they’re moving into nursing homes or assisted living facilities (granted, that last bit is a little depressing).

This weekend, there’s one in King of Prussia that is simply packed to the rafters with tchotchkes of all varieties. If you can’t find a Christmas gift at this sale, you’re hanging out with the wrong people. Check out the photos:



There’s another sale 35 minutes outside of Philly, in Lumberton, NJ, which consists primarily of well-maintained mid-century furnishings from Germany, as well as Art Deco furniture from the U.S. Heavy-hitting items include an Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates bi-morphic coffee table and an Adrian Pearsall side table. As always with estate sales, there are plenty of small items for those without a truck. This sale includes sewing machines, vintage clothing, office supplies, kitchen goods, books and CDs, and — just in time — Christmas decorations.

Here are some photos of the merchandise. Click on the image to enlarge.

Adrian Pearsall / NYAdrian Peasall          

For more information about area estate sales, go here.