Unique Kensington Garage Conversion With Exposed Brick and Glass-Encased Courtyard

by Angelly Carrión | December 2, 2013 2:49 pm

Kitchen of 2062 E Fletcher Street, Philadelphia, PA[1]

Philadelphia excels at industrial-to-residential conversions, a trend with super cool results: A warehouse[2] turned family home[3]. A trolley garage turned firehouse turned apartment[4]. A meat-packing plant turned [5]into eight units[6].

So it’s understandable that the listing for this Kensington home wastes no time boasting that it’s a “stunning conversion of an industrial garage to an ultra modern 3 bedroom.”

Ultramodern, indeed. The professionally designed interior has 10-12 foot ceilings in the living and dining areas. The chef’s kitchen has quartz countertops and steel appliances. But the exposed brick wall is a reminder of the home’s original garage grunginess.

Traces of the home’s industrial past are balanced by the eco-friendly bamboo floors throughout, as well as a glass-encased, landscaped courtyard between the kitchen and custom-steel staircase. Another green space — accessible from the second-floor landing — can be found on the roof (includes patio).

Meanwhile, the second floor has a vast master bedroom and curiously shaped flex space. Could very well be a live-work home[7], don’t you think?

Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Square feet: 2,527
Price: $375,000

Listing: 2062 E. Fletcher Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19125[8] [RE/MAX]

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