Mexican-Themed Wynnewood Basement Features Murals, Half-Banquettes y Más

Though it seems inspired by Mexico, is the decor also, perhaps, a commentary on Spanish imperialism?

Though the listing for this house says the basement — which is by far its most exciting feature — is painted with Mexican murals, it seems equally possibly the murals and associated themed decor signify something more serious: the imperialist incursion by Spain into Mexico. Well, not equally possible. But desirable-because-interesting? Certainly.

First of all, the barstools are more of a traditional, Spanish-style design than Mexican-style stool design. The half-banquettes appear to be yellow and red in color, which are the colors of the Spanish flag. The bar-side mural features a flamenco dancer — an art form that originated in Southern Spain.

That being said, flamenco dance was brought to Mexico by the Spaniards and now thrives there. The mural also features a macaw, which is native to South and Central America and thrives in Mexico (even more so than the flamenco dancers). The mural above the half-banquettes seems to feature an indigenous person of some kind with a feather in the hair (a macaw feather?), a look that no Spaniard ever embraced, as Velazquez could tell you.

The palm trees — well, there are palm trees in both Mexico and Spain.

What could really throw an interesting monkey wrench into this melange is the mix of colors of the barstools: green and red. Could that signify Bolivia, also colonized by the Spanish?

Ay, dios mio. Hay demasiado contemplar aquí. Las fotos del resto de la casa, abajo…

Beds: 6
Baths: 5
Square feet: 5,498
Acreage: 2.08
Price: $2,150,000

• Listing: 475 Warick Rd, Wynnewood, PA