Jon Bon Jovi’s Penthouse Goes From $42M to $39.9M

Last we spoke about Jon Bon Jovi — Philly-area booster and Project H.O.M.E. partner/real estate developer of housing for the disadvantaged — we noted that he’d put his Manhattan penthouse on the market for a staggering $42 million. Given all the good works he does, we don’t begrudge him wanting a good price for the condo, but $42 million is a hefty ask, even for 7,500 square feet in New York City.

Now the price has gone down to $39.9 million, which is indeed less money, from a mathematical perspective.

When Zillow crunched the numbers to figure out what the monthly payment would be for Bon Jovi’s penthouse at a sale price of $40 million with a 20 percent down payment, they came up with $160,674. Which is a lot of money, from any perspective.

Gallery below.