Can Richard Gere Come to Town and Live in the Manor to Which He’s Accustomed?

Our friend HughE over at PhillyChitChat tells us that Richard Gere is coming to live in the Greater Philadelphia area to film the movie Fanny, and that he’s likely to rent “in the suburbs” because that’s where the majority of the movie will be filmed. “The suburbs,” you’ll admit, is a rather large chunk of change, particularly given that it includes New Jersey and Delaware.

My concern is for Gere’s comfort. This is not a man who — despite his progressive politics and his Buddhism and his passion for yoga — lives modestly. In fact, he currently has a vacation house on the market for $65 million. It’s a manor, actually, and looking at its contours, I don’t see many candidates in this area for a replacement, even if it’s only temporary. In fact, even the Sotheby’s listing says its “a unique property that can never be replicated.” Oh dear.

The house is in the Hamptons, and is called Strongheart Manor. It’s 12,000 square feet and has 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in the main house. There are guest houses on the property as well. Below, some photos of the property.