Philly Is One of “13 Best Cities to Move in With Your Parents”

live-with-parents-phillySomeone get Meryl Levitz on the horn! This is big news. The real estate website Estately has determined that Philadelphia is unusually hospitable to adult children who want to live at home.

Why Philly? Although the eds and meds economy “cranks out college grads,” 70 percent of Pennsylvania’s four-year-degree holders owe an average of $29,959 in student loans. Thus: “It’s no surprise that a lot of those diplomas will be posted at mom’s house, especially since unemployment is at 8.4 percent.”

Then there’s this:

On the upside, nearly 40 percent of Philadelphia homes on the market boast basements, so the odds are fair there’s a basement at the ‘rents house to reside in. Not only do these subterranean bunkers keep people safe from the sun’s harmful rays, they make ideal habitat for both deadbeats and the debt-ridden to live out their 20s and even early 30s.

That’s an upside? Wow. Thanks.

13 Best Cities To Move In With Your Parents