Greater Philadelphia’s Four Richest People: Where They Live

Our friends over at Philly Post tell us the Forbes 400 is out–aka ” The Richest People In America” list–and four people within our Greater Philly universe have made the list.  For those wondering how the other half lives, so to speak, here’s what we know about their residences.

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone
Coatsville, PA

Iron Springs Farm from VirtualGlobeTrotting

Image of Iron Springs Farm via VirtualGlobeTrotting

The Campbell Soup heiress operates Iron Springs Farm, which breeds, sells and develops champion Warmblood and Friesian stallions. Should you be an animal person interested in cooing over foals, go quickly to the Farm’s Facebook page, where you may catch a glimpse of life on the farm.

Michael G. Rubin
Bryn Mawr, PA
Here’s what we know about Rubin’s home: It has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, around 11,300 square feet and is on about 3.5 acres. There seems to be a large pond with a fountain, if this aerial Google view is anything to go by. It is currently assessed at a little more than $2.5 million, and public record says he bought the home in 2007 from a certain Alvin L. Williams Jr. We’re guessing that’s the Alvin Williams of Villanova/Toronto Raptors basketball fame, not the corrupt Virgin Islands senator. Though one never knows.

Richard Hayne
Chestnut Hill
Jupiter Island, FL
Doe Run Farm, Coatesville, PA
The Urban Outfitters founder has plenty of real estate, including the above Bing view of his Jupiter Island estate, according to VirtualGlobetrotting. He caused controversy a couple years ago when he bought property in West Marlborough Township in Chester County to use as Doe Run Farm. Again, should you be interested in small, vulnerable animals, go to Doe Run’s Facebook page to see the baby animals.

Dick Yuengling
Pottsville, PA
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Surely Dick Yuengling doesn’t live at his company’s brewery in Pottsville. That would be too much. But it’s likely that one of his personal residences isn’t far away. Of course, these days, despite his unpretentious exterior and frugal habits, he can afford numerous properties–and at least one of them is in Ft. Lauderdale, as seen above. It’s the house with the boat.