Is Will Smith Selling the House That Questlove Adores?

“In West Philadelphia, born and raised…” may be the line forever associated with megastar Will Smith’s humble roots. However, the rapper-turned-actor has come along way since spending most of his days on the playground.

Fellow Philly-native Questlove, drummer of the Grammy-award winning group the Roots, recently blogged about the Fresh Prince’s current South California home (no, not in Bel Air).

It seems the house made quite the impression on Questlove, who not only detailed almost every aspect of the mansion (movie theater, studio, lagoon included), but also the amount of time it took to get from the “Jurassic Park gates” to the doorstep.

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Meanwhile, rumors of Will and wife Jada Pinkett Smith planning to sell the house popped up on Real Estalker, generally reliable in its gossip, only to be dispelled in early September.

And why should they leave this luxurious neo-castle, anyway?
After all, Will is “finally there,” sitting on his throne as the prince of… Calabasas?

All photos from Architectural Digest.