More Comcast Towers Are Coming to Center City. We Think.

449px-Comcast_PhillyAs if speculation from Philadelphia Speaks, Skyscraper Page, Hidden City and the Philadelphia Business Journal weren’t enough, we now have Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron dipping a studied toe into the choppy waters of Comcast development buzz. And if Saffron (and co-writer Bob Fernandez) is ready to go to print with the rumors, you can be sure she feels pretty confident the rumors are true. Ish.

Why should you be excited about this? Because several tall, gleaming Comcast towers and the plethora of employees that would inhabit their cubicles would radically transform Center City and its skyline. More credibility, more clout, more sparkle, more life. But where? When?

Here’s what we know:

1. Liberty Property Trust was Comcast’s real estate partner for the Comcast Center.
2. Liberty Property Trust owns unoccupied spaces at 18th and Arch, 17th and JFK, and 19th and Arch.
3. Liberty Property Trust has admitted a plan to build something on the 18th and Arch site.
4. The Comcast Center is out of room for its employees.


Saffron’s sources seem to think Comcast and Liberty are creating a Center City campus for the cable/TV giant.

Buzz builds on another Comcast tower [Inquirer]

Photo: Bradley Maule