The Nerdiest Neighborhood in Philadelphia: Old City

Chris Cummins has a terrific list over at Topless Robot (itself an incredibly nerdy name for a site) of “The 15 Nerdiest Places in Philadelphia.” They are all businesses or locations that every good cosplayer could love. (Philebrity makes a good point, however, which is that Cummins missed a key spot: “Wherever Eric Smith is standing right now.”)

From a real estate perspective, however, things shake out rather interestingly, which is to say that of the seven neighborhoods represented, Old City crushes the others: It has fully a third of the nerd nirvanas, including Brave New Worlds, National Mechanics, and a mysteriously named Torchwood grocery store. Perhaps the nerds should unite and form a new civic association now that Old City Civic Association no longer exists. Cummins made no mention of N3rd Street.

Topless Robot Road Trips: The 15 Nerdiest Places in Philadelphia