Sofitel Debuts Rodin-Inspired Renovation to Rooms and Suites

To further solidify its connection to the arts and to French culture, the Sofitel hotel on 17th and Sansom has had all its guest rooms completely redone to reflect the influence of the Rodin Museum on the Parkway. Though there aren’t any explicit references to the sculptor or to the art venue itself, there are works of art in each room that were painted with Rodin in mind. Additionally, the museum’s Beaux Arts style and French garden apparently had a strong impact on the finishes and colors chosen, as well as the furniture.

Two things Rodin would never have anticipated: The eco-friendly materials used in the rooms he inspired, and the $295 Barnes Collection package deal that’s now being offered as well.

As a side note, I’ve just been informed that every night the hotel has a “candle ritual” with women in swing coats and bare legs carrying glass cases with large candles with an In the Name of the Rose gravitas through the lobby. How did I not know this? Do you know this? Who knows this? It’s really something.