Francisville Will Get a Whole Block of Cool Postgreen Housing




Photos by Laura Kicey

You might know Postgreen Homes from its first and most famous project, the LEED-certified 100K Houses, which was followed by similar houses devoted to eco-friendly specifications and modern design. There was the Passiv Haus, the Beta 2.5 house (pictured above), the 200K house, Duplexellence at 110, and so much more.

Countless press mentions and awards haven’t diluted the company’s passion for its original mission, as this latest project demonstrates. A partnership with Equinox Management & Construction LLC (The Modules at Templetown), this planned 31-unit mixed use development on the 1700 block of Folsom Street will be named Folsom Powerhouse and will be dedicated to “ecological urbanism.”

The land is being donated by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA), and like other Postgreen collaborations, will be designed by ISA architects.

Renderings to come…