South Philly Rowhome Collapse: “[We] Made Every Mistake in the Book”

The home at 428 Daly Street that exploded yesterday mid-morning was owned by SCK Investments, a new investment team of Steve Finney and his daughter, Cathy Finney-Hughes. This home was their first project. According to a profile Steve Finney posted on July 19 on a meetup page for the Philadelphia Real Estate Investors Association:

“I have 41 years experience as a Realtor and 18 years (part time) as a builder/remodeler. My daughter (partner) and I are just completing our first rehab and have made every mistake in the book. Now we’re ready to do it right.”

Realtor Steve Finney’s website is temporarily down, but his professional Facebook site, South Philly Real Estate, is still up, as is his personal one.