Famed Cartographer Anna Wintour Publishes the Worst Map of Philly Ever

Perhaps Vogue didn’t intend for Philadelphians to take its illustration so seriously. It was probably just an impressionistic illustration like the others Vogue has published by artist Jackie Bestemen meant to encapsulate Philly in a cute way. But woe be to those who underestimate the Philly ’Tude–and our resulting ability to get defensive about anything and everything that mentions the city.

That said, the headline of the piece reads: “Like a Local:
Caroline Palmer and Kori Dyer Map Their Shared Hometown, Philadelphia
,” and offers a view of the map that is zoomable. If readers are encouraged to zoom and the word “map” is used, shouldn’t the illustration vaguely approximate reality?

We’ll leave that for others to decide, but one thing we know is unforgivable: the shape of that soft pretzel. That is a New York soft pretzel! Appalling.

Vogue’s Map of Philly Gets Pretty Much Every Detail Wrong [Philly Post]