Which County Has the Highest Property Sale Prices?

Prudential HomExpert first-quarter report has an interactive tool that allows users to compare counties in the Delaware Valley by three different metrics: number of properties sold, median price of properties sold, and average days on the market.

The counties included are the usual suspects in our area (Chester, Delaware, Bucks, Philadelphia and Montgomery) along with five counties in New Jersey (Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Salem and Gloucester). The survey is rounded out by New Castle and Kent counties in Delaware.

So who fares the best?

Chester County proves itself the most successful of the Pennsylvania five, with the highest median sale price (not the average, mind you, the median), and a low number of days on the market. (Philadelphia has a lower number of days on the market by 1, but the disparity in the media price is around considerable.)

In New Jersey, Burlington County does better than its neighbors price-wise, although it’s pretty close in all three metrics with Gloucester County.

Finally, New Castle edges out Kent in Delaware price-wise, probably due to all those pesky Philadelphians buying homes there.

The tool itself is below for those who aren’t on mobile. For those who are, go here.